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Major broadband rollout for Cornwall

One of our customers, Wildanet Limited, have won a £36 million investment from the government, as part of Project Gigabit. The company is already investing more than £50 million in an ultrafast broadband network across Cornwall and Devon - bringing fast, reliable internet to homes, businesses and communities.

The project is the biggest broadband rollout in British history and contracts for Wildanet, will receive lightning-fast broadband in South West and Mid Cornwall.

It will see up to 19,250 hard-to-reach homes and businesses connected, with speeds of 10 gigabits per second - which is 100 times faster than the average internet speeds available in the county.

The investment will also create 200 jobs including engineering, head office and network design roles in a further boost to the region.

We were able to help Wildanet Limited, in December 2022 by securing finance for two new Renault Masters fitted with a Klubb Access Platform, supplied by Nick Murray at Platform Hydraulics Limited.

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